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Bata's first Digital-Only Magazine: Detail

Since 1894 Bata has taken great pride in providing their customers with services that exceed expectations. Today is no different: We're thrilled to entertain you with the first international issue of Detail, Bata's first digital-only magazine.

Detail not only celebrates the Bata brand and its very latest collections, but provides you with the highest quality editorial content, including beauty and styling advice, up to the minute fashion news, revealing interviews, a peek at the latest style trends and much more.

Take a look. Prepare to be inspired.

Detail Magazine is free and available for download here and will be soon available for download on Apple's Newsstand and Android's Google Play.

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About our shoes

Bata operating companies are grouped into business units. It makes sense to us to operate locally. This way we can share expertise when it comes to similarities in markets and business issues. Each group benefits from synergies specific to their requirements. That includes similarities in product development, sourcing and marketing support. It’s another example of how Bata’s global success is in reality made of thousands of local successes.

Bata, founded by Tomas Bata in Austria-Hungary, continues as a family-run business. Today our headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, but our operations separate geographically into three divisions. Bata Europe is based in Italy and operates 500 stores offering fashionable footwear. Many of our innovative fashion lines originate at our Italian center. The world-class shoe innovation center just outside Venice supplies many of the exclusive lines found in Bata stores throughout Europe.

Bata International serves customers in much of Asia, the Pacific and Africa through its 3,000 stores and many dealers. It is supervised from Singapore. Bata International operates shoe innovation centers in several countries, as well as 23 factories to serve individual markets.

Bata Latin America is based in Mexico City. Bata is the leading retailer of shoes in Latin America. We’re also the leading marketer of children’s branded footwear!

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Bata – The Leading Shoe Brand in Singapore

Our story began in 1894 in a small town called Zlin, in the Czechoslovakia. The siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata founded the T.& A. Bata Shoe Company with $320 inherited from their mother. With over 300 years of family history in shoemaking, the reputation for quality and know-how of the Bata name helped propel the company’s start-up. Being the ninth generation of shoemakers, they introduced innovation which brought about the “Batovka”, a high quality, mass-manufactured, affordable shoe for working people. The Bata legacy had just begun.

BATA started building its name in the then Malaya when the first store opened at Capitol Building, Singapore on August, 1931. Tomas Bata established Bata Shoe Company Limited to carry on the business as manufacturers, distributors and marketers of footwear.

Today, Bata has grown to be a leading footwear manufacturer in Singapore and operates a retail chain of more than 40 stores. Home to BATA Asia Pacific and Africa operations, the Singapore office manages close to 3,000 outlets in the region.

BATA's reach may be worldwide, but our presence is local. Our novel international manufacturing structure allows Bata facilities around the globe to respond to the unique needs and wants of local customers.

As a result, we are honoured to be a ‘local’ company in Singapore.


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Bata Publishes its Sustainability Review of 2016

The Bata Life Sustainability Review 2016 complements our online Bata Life web pages – – which we launched in 2015 and is regularly updated. This Review takes a snapshot of our business today and the steps we are taking toward being a sustainable business. The content covers 2014 and 2015 and, unless otherwise stated, the data relates to the period from 1st January to 31st December 2015.

What we have tried to do in this Review, is set out a framework for reporting, to assist our employees and stakeholders in understanding how we organize and manage the risks and opportunities linked to sustainability issues throughout our value chain. From 2016, we will begin the process of formally assessing our most material issues to manage and report on. We will move to an annual reporting cycle, and we will work towards aligning our disclosures in line with the internationally recognized reporting framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative.
Looking to 2016 and beyond, we will continue to ensure that sustainability becomes an integral part of Bata�s business strategy, decision-making and disclosures. This will not be about honoring our great heritage and extending our legacy; we recognize that, as a multinational company, we have a broader responsibility to harness our global networks and expertise and the passion of our people to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and climate solutions.

We are pleased to share our progress in this and future reports, and we encourage your feedback on our targets, performance, and opportunities.

Download the Bata Sustainability Review 2016 (PDF, 12.6 MB)

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Bata Singapore Recognized at the 2015 Marketing Excellence Awards

On Nov. 18, Bata Singapore received a bronze award in the Brand Awareness category for its “Have We Met” campaign.

The Marketing Excellence Awards is one of Singapore’s largest awards shows. The award celebrates the work of the country’s top marketers, who set the benchmark for the industry. Winners of the Marketing Excellence Awards are recognized as the top performers in Singapore. The judging panel for this year’s awards included representatives from major international companies, including Adidas, Blackrock, Akamai, Hilton, Energizer and Visa.

Parrish Tan, marketing manager for Bata Singapore, attended the event with the creative and accounts team from Section, Bata’s partner in the campaign. Tan commented: “It was truly a gratifying and humbling experience to represent Bata Singapore at these awards, where hundreds of advertising and marketing representatives from the region cheered us on when the announcement was made that we had been awarded the bronze award.”

He added: “The ‘Have We Met’ campaign struck a chord with most of the attendees, and gave a great impression of the Bata brand. Full credit should go to the Bata Singapore team and the agency, Section, for believing in the campaign and supporting us with their amazing work.”

The event was held at the Mandarin Orchard hotel, and was attended by over 500 industry professionals, including award winners, advertising agencies and media agencies.

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Bata Life - our sustainability approach

Responsibility and sustainability are part of Bata�s DNA, hallmarks of the enterprise from the very beginning.

Our long-standing mission has always been to create better lives for our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate by working toward a more just and sustainable future.

The Bata Life website charts our journey in this critical area, documenting the many actions we have taken to help the environment and our communities.

Read more!

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Bata Announces Sponsorship Deal with e-Sports Team

Bata Brands is thrilled to announce its sponsorship agreement with eXeS eSport, one of the most promising e-Sports teams in Europe, and for our company to be involved with the exciting world of professional video game competition, widely known as e-Sports.

eXeS eSport is a French Electronic Sports Association founded in 2008. eXeS eSport has four teams participating in popular games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, ShootMania and Call of Duty. The team finished second in the European Gaming League�s EGL8 in 2012 and went on to win the EGL9 in 2013. That same year, they also won the Gears of War: Judgment Cup in France. In 2014, eXeS eSport won the EuroCup CS:GO and finished second at the Gamers Assembly and the Lanex 18. They will be participating in the 2014 Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) taking place in October in Paris.

Pierre Murbach, Brand and Digital Media Manager at Bata Brands in Switzerland, said �Video game culture has become more and more popular, showing a large increase in both viewership and prize money. e-Sports game tournaments are already selling out giant arenas, with some events attracting audiences larger than those for major traditional sporting events. More than 70 million people worldwide watch e-Sports over the Internet or on TV, according to estimates by SuperData Research (April 2, 2014). There are also TV channels devoted largely to e-Sports and the UK�s first e-sports bar recently opened in London.�

�As a major player in the world of fashion, Bata has always paid special attention to emerging trends, which influences the events and teams the company sponsors. Bata became an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in 1986, the year that included such memorable moments as Diego Maradona scoring the �Hand of God� goal, as well as the �Goal of the Century� against England. Today, Bata is again breaking new ground with its sponsorship of competitive gaming� added Pierre Murbach.�

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Bata Grand Opening at Compass One

Our newest Bata Store officially opened in Compass One (#01-31) on 29 September 2016 to an overwhelming success!

We are honoured to have Mr. Alexis Nasard, Global CEO of Bata Group gracing the occasion, along with Mr. Roberto Longo, President of Asia Pacific for Bata Shoe Organisation Worldwide and Mr. Pierluigi Pontecorvo, Country Manager of Bata Shoe Singapore.

A big thank you to our lovely media guests who turned up too!

Autumn/Winter Contest i Watch winners

The recent Fall in Love with Bata contest ended off with a big bang as loyal customers walked away with five cool 42mm Apple Watch Sport worth $529 weekly.

While our contest has ended for this contest on 31st October 2016, we have so much more in store in 2017. Add us on our Facebook ( to receive latest news and promotions.

Here are the winners

Week #1 - Ms. Lee Woei Meei
Week #2 - Ms Sam Tai Choi
Week #3 - Mr. Muhammad Juffry Bin Jamil
Week #4 - Ms MArta Eka Lolita
Week #5 - Mr. Tan Bak Hoe

What's your Love Story with Bata?

Fall signifies the perfect season for romance. So, flow into fall with romance today and share with us what makes you Fall in Love!

Over 50 customers gave us their lovely and romantic stories in this contest with over 24,000 of our Facebook fans reached and 100 shared those beautiful stories. While 3 lucky fans will walk away with a $50 Bata voucher, Bata Singapore Social Media team had such a fun time interacting with our Bata fans on Facebook. Stay tuned as we have more of these contest soon!

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Bata has been infuencing trends and dressing your feet with elegance and character for 120 years throughout the world. Since its founding by Thomas Bata in 1894, the company has been the forefront of innovation, not only in the production and design of news styles, but in the creation of business models that permit a quick response to rapidly changing markets. Today, Bata offers you a vision of style and fashion to reflect your own image, created for you as well as with you. A vision to be shared.