With a heritage of over 120 years throughout the world, our people is the fundamental vitality and strength of our success. Since its founding by Thomas Bata in 1894, we’ve been committed to developing our people with training and advancement. Therefore, when you join Bata, you know that for every step you take, it’ll be towards a rewarding career. That’s because we do not offer jobs – we offer careers.


Bata recognizes that now more than ever, its strength lies with its people.

Across the globe and at every level of service, Bata members are guided by a commitment to the same core principle: know the customer, provide them with products that will enhance their lives, and build meaningful relationships through superb service.

Bata recruits diverse, imaginative and skillful people, and then empowers them with the resources to provide for the customer.

Bata retains. Bata retains the best people as a result of their unrelenting commitment to equality of opportunity, on-going training and coaching opportunities, and recognition of outstanding service.

Bata commits to helping every employee reach his or her potential.

If you're an enthusiastic team player prepared to embrace the power to improve lives around the globe, we invite you to step into this rewarding career. Email us at