BATA Comfit Women Thong Sandals Colerin

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BATA Comfit uses memory comfort technology which provides a better bounce back effect ensuring an effortless stride all-day long. It also distributes the pressure evenly with its anti-fatigue cushioning making every step comfy. This collection offers a wide variety of elegant and contemporary designs for both men and women which are your go to for work wear.

Comfit Active Collection and its Soft Walk technology: Finally, our Comfit Active collection is propelled by Comfit Soft Walk technology, providing 360 degrees of comfort thanks to the combination of insole and outsole technologies that absorb the impact of the ground defects and soften each step.

This is an open type of footwear that is comfortable to wear under warm weather conditions and can be chosen as a fashion choice. With minimalistic designs, it can be paired with a more relaxed or dainty look.

Shoe sizes are based on Bata sizing. Please to refer to size chart for guidance.

- Shock Absorb Points for softer steps

- Anti-slip outsole

- Tri-zone insole

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