Sneakers at a Wedding?! Let’s Dive Into Some of Your Trickiest Style Questions

Customising your personal fashion style is a fun and creative way to express yourself. There’s always room for experimentation when it comes to looking your best, so you never have to worry about getting bored. That said, staying on top of all the new trends, styles, and ever-evolving conventions surrounding clothing and shoe fashion can be tricky. 

Never fear, though; as always, we are here to answer your styling questions so you can feel confident that you are dressed to impress no matter what. From incorporating a new shoe style into your look to ensuring your outfit complements your body type—we have the solution to some of your most common styling queries. Read on to get the advice you need to take your fashion game to the next level with the best shoe colours, styles, and tips.

Can I wear sneakers to a wedding?

If you’re looking for some quick wedding shoe advice, the short answer is yes. Stylish norms are changing. There are wedding shoe alternatives, and you can wear sneakers to a wedding — as long as they're the right ones (and it’s the right kind of wedding). If an invitation states ‘black tie,’ for example, we wouldn’t suggest sneakers. ‘Wear anything that makes you feel like celebrating,’ though—and trainers are totally fair game. So, if you’re attending a more relaxed affair and want to ensure you’re ready to dance all night long, a sneaker can be wedding appropriate. The trick here is to opt for a clean and elegant sneaker design. We love leather sneakers for formal events.

In fact, we have even seen some brides decide to trade in their mile-high party shoes for a slick wedding sneaker. For the bride, perhaps something with ribbon laces, crystal-embellished buckles, or glitter-dusted soles in a palette of ivory, cream, and whites. The groom, meanwhile, can also take advantage of this more laid-back trend. Sneakers paired with a tuxedo are a great way to contemporise a traditional and polished outfit. And when it comes to colour, black is always a safe option for the guys, but some box-fresh (no scuff marks, please) whites can also be a stylish choice.

How do I make my legs look longer and leaner?

Everyone loves a graceful silhouette, and you can have one too! Although we don’t have any tricks to magically make your legs grow longer, you can, at least, dress to create the illusion of an elongated lower body. You should start with your pants and carry the theme down to your footwear. Remember that cropped pants make your legs look shorter, so you want a longer style without any shape cut-off. Opting for high-waisted pants and skirts will also give you additional length. In addition, be mindful that monochromatic outfits create lots of visual depth. A monochromatic midi dress elongates the silhouette while adding flow and movement to an otherwise simple look. Just remember to use different shades of one colour throughout your outfit, so the final result isn’t too matchy or visually dull. 

Finally, finish it off with the right shoe. Boots and legs clad in a dark or neutral colour will automatically appear longer. Similarly, you should choose nude shoes or those that match the colour of your outfit. This way, your shoes will extend rather than visually divide your leg line. Bonus points if you go with a pointed-toe shoe, as they are a great way to enhance your legs and make your ankles look more delicate.

What should I match the colour of my shoes to?

You should aim to pair your shoe with a different wardrobe component depending on the look you’re going for. For example, wearing accessories in similar colours, such as a handbag or scarf that matches your shoes, is an excellent way to pull your look together. Likewise, choosing shoes that complement the colour of your skin or hair gives you an easy shoe option when you’re not sure what colour works with your outfit.

This technique is called visual grouping and is often used by stylists because it helps bring cohesion and visual appeal to your look. Choosing a shoe colour that works well with your accessories, natural tones, or a pattern from your outfit will automatically make your ensemble look more polished. Keep in mind, though, you still want some diversity to make everything sparkle. Keep things fresh by using your shoes as a chance to bring in a different material ​​— like velvet or metallic, to add texture to your outfit. You can read more about matching your shoes to your outfit here.

What is a good alternative to high heels for various occasions?

High heels were once the standard for women’s formal wear, but that is no longer the case. There are so many options when it comes to glamorous flat shoes that you can easily find high-heel alternatives without compromising on style. For example, a bedazzled pair of ballet flats with embroidery or sparkling additions can transform a basic flat into something special. If you’re still looking for a touch of added height, a wedge heel can give you lift and comfort in one stylish package.

Strappy sandals and mules, meanwhile, are airy in the heat and lend a flirty vibe to any outfit. Remember, if you expose your toes and heels during a formal occasion, you want to ensure they look their best. If open-toe shoes aren't appropriate, you have plenty of simple closed-toe-and-heel styles. For a bit more sophistication, look for something with a pointed rather than a rounded toe, and always aim for a streamlined profile.

Is it ok to wear shoes without socks?

From socks and sandals to bare feet in sneakers, there are definitely some hot debates regarding sock styles and when socks are (or are not) required. Like most style queries, though, there is some room for freedom and personal expression. The rule that open-toed shoes look better without socks still generally applies. Still, some fashionistas have successfully experimented with fun ways to show off groovy socks under sandals.

From a style perspective, loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, monk shoes and even derby shoes can look great without socks and flashing your ankles will make a look more casual and laidback. As trends have veered in a casual direction, it's now more common to see dress shoes worn without socks as well. Although, for reasons of health and hygiene, we do hope that there are invisible socks hiding underneath. These low-cut socks help to absorb moisture, avoid smelly shoes, and still provide that bare ankle look. These undetectable socks are our go-to choice for flats and other styles that expose the top of your foot.

Regarding sneakers, we understand that certain people find them more comfortable when worn au-natural. That said, we’d also like to remind you that wearing sneakers without socks isn’t necessarily the best idea when it comes to foot health and the protection of your feet. Socks often play an instrumental role in the health of your feet, especially if you’re doing something active, like hiking or hitting the gym. Thankfully, invisible socks can do the trick here, too. So you can keep your feet clean and comfortable even if you prefer the no-sock look.

So there you have it! We hope we have inspired you to visit your local Bata shoe store and try out something new. And, of course, our number one rule always applies—style and comfort belong together when it comes to enjoying the best of the latest shoe fashions.



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